My Paris story- how I got scammed in PARIS.

I got scammed in Paris. That was a scam.

 This is what running into my head. 

Paris and such a scam… 

Oh, God.


I ran straight into the bus and hurriedly sat down finding an empty seat. I was short of breath and I was gasping profusely. I was not daring to look at the seats around me, yet gathering all my courage I raised my head and found all my companions including my teacher and tourist guide staring at me. For a while, it felt me, as if I was a prisoner who had escaped from Tihar Jail.  

It took me just a while to realize that the entire bus was at a halt just because of me and I had reached the meeting point 45 minutes late. All students and teachers were staring at me and I could read a clear satire in their eyes. Obviously, the reason for their displeasure was me, because I had made everyone wait. I hid my head in my hands and tried to hold my scattered breath. 

Right in anger, but the caravan started running towards its destination, Germany, and in front of my eyes the whole scene of the day, which was like a scary dream, started running in flashback. 

Paris..Paris..Paris, a dream city Paris, which was turned for me into a Scam city Paris.

At breakfast in the morning, It was told that all students would be dropped off at the Center Paris, from where, anyone, who wants to visit monuments, museums, Eiffel Tower, etc. can do so but has to assemble at Champs-Elysees at 4 pm, and we all will be returning back to Germany.


I still could not understand why my confidence was so high that day that I headed alone to Eiffel Tower. By the way, I had been to Paris many times before, but the stay could not be very long, because I used to wake up from sleep.

As a student, the 2 Euro metro ticket was quite expensive on the calculation in Indian Rupee, although, I was terrific at Math. It was very difficult to get the direction. The reasons behind this were, that I was very bad at reading the given, second, French hated the English language.

I used to hear that English is an international language, but there I found it to be just an illusion that we are grown. Although, the British have shaken us also a lot, but the annoyance and irritation that the French have with them, is next level.  This I felt when I asked someone about the route in English. Believe me; it was like asking them to donate their kidney.

By the way, the beauty of the Eiffel Tower was really heart-wrenching. High tower, multi-floor Tower design, beautiful lush green trees, a river flowing nearby, in whose pure water the reflection of the Eiffel Tower looked like the face of a beloved in a moonlight night.

Since it was a Sunday, It was a bit crowded that day, the beauty of the Eiffel Tower was extended. There were barricades all around the tower and the security was very tight. Being a holiday restaurant of the tower situated in the middle of the Tower was closed. I made myself happy just by seeing the glasses from below.

Now, when you are in Paris, that too in front of the Eiffel Tower, you would never miss a photoshoot. Therefore, a photographer has searched around. Luckily the search turned out to be very short, soon a request of taking some pictures was made to a Malaysian guy and in front of the Tower, he clicked 2 3 pictures of me. According to the deal, I also took many pictures of him and handed over the camera to him.

Even after being so old, the Eiffel Tower looked very young. After visiting the tower from all sides, I wanted to visit the river bank. On crossing the road, a beautiful river was flowing nearby, completely


silent. Clear water in which, the tower’s reflection was producing a mesmerizing look.

It drew my mind back to India where we call River Ganga our mother, yet we do not respect it and throw the world’s filth into it, without thinking, how many lives depend on it, and it has been quenching the thirst of us, birds, animals and of our lands for centuries.

Tiny boats floating in the river, old bridge, and small beautiful shops and cafes along the banks were creating a different impression to the visitors. Seeing that scene of the day, I had imagined the beauty of the Tower in the night.

My Paris story-

After visiting the riverbank, Paris, I went to the other side of the Eiffel Tower and heard some noise. Upon reaching I saw something like a game (scam) is going on there. Getting closer to that game, I saw 5-7 people standing there in a round shape. 2 Africans were moving some glasses on a table very fast. There was a ball in one glass and those glasses were moving very fast. Some people standing nearby were guessing the ball, and this way a money transaction was happening. I did not felt, it was a scam.

The language was unknown to me but it was understood that if you guess the ball right, then you win and they will give you double your money.  if you lose, then Tata bye-bye. Yes, your Imagination is correct, Just like “Raja Natwar Lal” movie two for one (1=2).

The lady next to me had just won 200 Euros. The African guy regretted his loss and sincerely gave 400 Euros to that lady.

On seeing me, one of them even encouraged me to try my luck. He acted as if he is also a tourist and he is my sympathizer. There is a saying “Donkeys don’t have horns” that is absolutely true. I had a good eye on which glass the ball is in. My eyes were spinning rapidly with moving glasses. Once again my confidence boosted and I could not realize when I got convinced to bet.

I caught the right glass and pointed at it. Meanwhile, and took out my purse. The guy who had just become my sympathizer hastily put his foot on the glass of the ball I pointed at and gestured me to give the money.

Since I was confident that I had grabbed the right glass, I handed the money over to the African. In the blink of an eye, my sympathizer left his foot and put on the other glass.

Until I could understand anything, he lifted his foot from the empty glass and the ball was coming out of the other glass.

All the parrots of my intelligence had flown away and I was blank.

I had lost my bet of 100 Euros which was my budget for that entire excursion. Again my calculation started. I had lost 8000 INR in one single eye blink. I wanted to make a million noise and protest, you are a cheater, you are dishonest, plead for justice to the people standing nearby, but they all started shouting at me on the contrary, including that my sympathetic partner.


Very soon It was revealed to me that all these are cards of this game only and I have become their pawn. I was robbed and I had no choice but to leave from there because I had no intention to get my bone broken and I had to go back safely.

I was constantly slapping my face and snatching my hair. I was laughing myself and crying too. I could neither cry nor laugh. How could I be so idiot? How could I be so ignorant and stupid that even I could not realize that they all are different sides of the same coin? They rob people. I lost 100 Euros in a jiffy which was a big amount for me as a student.

In which direction the return metro was going, I was not aware. I do not remember, how many trips did I make on the same route. I was completely lost. My 100 Euros were pinching me.

The pain of not knowing French, the anger of the French officials on hearing English, and because of that I had forgotten the name of the gate where we were to gather. Sometimes going on this route, sometimes on that route, and then roaming around and coming to the same place. With great difficulty found a girl who knew both English and that gate and I had reached Champ Ulysses after wandering for hours. Here the whole group was waiting for me.  

The bus was going very fast towards Germany and in my eyes, they were roaming like a movie for the whole day.

My Paris story- I got scammed in PARIS.

How to analyze a stock before Buying

How to analyze a stock before Buying

Analyzing the best stock before Buying is a challenging task. But you can conduct a thorough study on how to analyze a stock before Buying and which stock to invest in. That is where this article will help you.  

I have prepared a simple but effective way to guide you, how to analyze a stock before Buying. The basic purpose of this article is to help you in finding the best options in stock analysis.

To begin with, you must know that investing in a particular stock is not always easy because the market is different from different sectors of the market. For that, you must know the market to some extent and get to know about the best stocks that you can invest in. If you know the market to some extent, you can start with sectors that have been doing well in terms of performance and find out their best stocks, which will be the best option for you.

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How to Invest in Share Market for Beginners

6 Deadly Investment Mistakes You Must Avoid

Step 1. Identify the next trade.

You need to identify where you will invest your money in the first place. You must choose a suitable investment destination as an investment. Wherever you decide to invest, you must take into consideration that investment is a long-term decision and you must stick to the path you have chosen and won’t make a sudden decision. Before choosing the next stock, you need to keep your eyes peeled to understand your current position.

In case, you invest most of your amount in an aggressive market, then you must understand the situation of the financial markets before making a positive investment. This in turn will help you in buying one of the best stocks. Do not withdraw money in a short time and stop investing in the stock as it will directly lead to loss.

Step 2. Evaluate your plan.

Next, you need to evaluate the market situation so that you know if the stocks are increasing, and how fast the returns are increasing in the markets. You can use both the technical indicators (trait funds) as well as rules of thumb (Research paper), so that you are able to ensure that the market situation is favorable for all the stock.

You can also use fast charting services to understand the market environment. As you can see, most of the stocks are increasing at a rapid pace, thus there will be short-term fluctuations in the stock prices. In case, you notice that there is a negative trend or the company’s financial institution is facing various financial difficulties, then you will have to liquidate the shares. This process will also reduce the gains made from the stock, thus reducing the risk of the investment, thereby giving you a competitive advantage over others.

Your next task should be to know the best quality of the stock you are researching. 

1# What is the reputation of the company in the market                                  

2# Companies’ market capitalization                                                                                           

3# Company market share in the market

These questions can help you in knowing whether to buy, hold, sell, or invest in the stock at all.

You must confirm the information you have gathered from the initial research before investing in the stock. The next step is to examine the stock performance. You need to assess the most common trends in the market with regard to the performance of different stocks.

Step 3. Conduct the proper due diligence.

If a stock is performing well, it will sell to its own level. However, if the stock doesn’t perform well in the market, it will sell at a much lower level in order to raise money from the sale of the stock.

There are various stocks that are priced higher than their actual economic value. Any change in the market situation, i.e. increase or decrease in the market will influence the monetary value of the stock. You will understand it only when you have learned, how to analyze a stock. So you must be aware of the speculative potential of your stock and accordingly take a decision. In the case of trading stocks, you should also pay attention to your short-term perspective and take the decision later based on the changes.

Step 4     Analyze and compare

Once you have analyzed a stock, you have to select the right share, which will give you a better return. The best performance or price of the stock can indicate whether to choose the buy or sell the option to purchase in that stock. You should understand the details like the market share, the market position, and your buying and selling preferences. Now, you will have an easy decision of which company to invest in.

Once you have invested the money in a particular stock, you need to analyze its performance for a month. The past performance can help you decide whether to invest more or in any other stocks. You can compare the performance of the business with a close comparison of its financial results. Do this comparison for all the stocks you are interested in by conducting the analysis using.

How to analyze a stock before Buying

6 Deadly Investment Mistakes You Must Avoid|

Deadly Investment Mistakes you should learn to avoid while investing If you are planning to start an investment. You have to learn about the very principles and criteria of starting investment to succeed in the Share Market, avoid Investment Mistakes and get increased returns on your capital. Today, we are going to talk about some mistakes that we must avoid before investing in the share market.

With high enough investments you can get greater returns than on any FD, Gold, or property and reduce the risk of losing money by avoiding some Investment Mistakes mistakes while investing in the Share Market. We are suggesting below a lot of basic strategies that you can pick a good stock wisely so that you can refrain from Investment Mistakes and you can generate more investment returns.

Deadly-Investment-Mistakes-You-Must-Avoid in Share-Market

Before you start your investment, you must know…



1#. Invest in assets that you can hold

If you want to invest directly in assets then the best way to do this is to invest in assets that you can give returns to. Investing in assets such as gold, shares, real estate, or mutual funds is the best way to do this. These are assets that you cannot sell in cases of losses. You can easily liquidate your assets if necessary.

2#.Keep careful monitoring of your investments


As an individual investor, you need to keep your investor’s thoughts clear in the minds. You need to know your portfolio and you should, therefore, check the value of the investments that you have in your portfolio. If there are some slight losses, liquidate your positions. Liquidate the position after four months to do it. This will give you great returns on your investments.

3#. Keep things low risk

Even if you are aware that investing can be risky you would be correct in investing in assets such as equities, bonds, real estate, or cash. Investing in assets that have a high risk of losses is safe and could offer you high returns on your investment. Investing in assets that are very low risk would be less risky for you and give you higher returns on your investment.

4#. Know when to sell or hold


During a growth stage of a security market, stocks or commodities will be rising in value. If your investments are not growing and they get stopped, you can sell your shares and offer the proceeds of sale for your favorite game console, HDFC Bank mutual fund or HDFC fixed deposit be available for you. When you sell your investments, you would achieve the desire returns.

5# Know-How much you can earn

Investment in the central banking unit will offer you guidance regarding how much you can make a profit from holding the investment. Do the simple calculations to know the maximum returns that you would be able to generate. Also, one of the simplest methods to know how much you can earn is to get the return of the current position. If your position grew even after selling the investment or has been sold, you could reinvest and get more profits. An option for interest maximization is a money market account. If you decide to save the interest, you would get a return on your investment.


6#. Know how to sell the investment

Most people hardly sell their investments and they don’t give their products to long-term investors. This is a problem because if you are building investment on fixed deposits, mutual funds, or a gold fund then you have to make sales to increase liquidity. Sell and own the investment back by making money on the investment, and keep receiving high returns.

When you have accumulated enough investment in various assets, you need to liquidate the position that has made money on the investment, diversify your investment portfolio with value securities, avoid being overly risky, and avoid unsecured debts, and you will make a success of your investments.

6 Deadly Investment Mistakes You Must Avoid!

How to Invest in Share Market for Beginners

How to Invest in the Share Market is a big challenge after you have made up your mind to invest in stock. Picking up the right stock and Investing in that to compound your wealth in the Share Market, is very important, hence learn first how to invest in the Share Market and, WHAT IS SHARE MARKET.

If the right investment pick can compound your wealth in the multifold, a wrong Investment or company can lead you to a huge loss and capital waste. Hence, when you decide to invest in Share Market, you must know, how to invest in stocks, and what are the precautions and measurements that you have to take before investing in any stock or share in Share Market.

Why invest in the Share Market.?

Over the period, it is proven that the Share Market is the sole investment, that has made people billionaires. Share Market has generated such a huge return on investment, that no other investments like gold, Bond, and FD could ever compete. Share Market has many examples, where people have become Millionaires and Billionaires through stock investment. 

The biggest investor of all time was Warren Buffet, who has started investing in the Share Market at the age of 13. He started his investment journey with a small amount of money. Today, he is considered one of the most successful in the world and has a net worth of over $100.9 billion dollars, making him the world’s tenth-wealthiest person. Almost all of his wealth is created by his investment wisdom and knowledge. 

Similarly, India’s Big Bull Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has tripled his wealth within a span of three months. His first big win was Tata Coffee, where, he made a profit of five lacks in 1986. He bought 5000 shares of Tata Coffee at the price of 43 and held that stock just for 3 months. The stock zoomed to 143 which tripled his wealth.

How Can I invest in the Share Market.?

Before starting your investment in Stock Market, you have to have a Demat Account. A Demat account is an account that you open to start your investment in the Share Market. Your shares are kept there. You can open a Demat account with multiple brokers, like ZerodhaUpstoxAngel Broking, and Groww.

In order to open a Demat account, you need the following documents. (For India)

PAN Card

Adhaar Card

Bank Account

Canceled Check

Source of income.

Be an Investor and not a trader.

As Warren Buffet says “Investing is simple, but it is not easy“. In Share Market try to be an Investor and not a trader. All wealthy people from Share Market are investors like Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Rakesh Jhujhunwala, Vijay Kedia, etc. They all have minted money from a value investment.


If you almost never want to bear the loss in the Share Market, be an Investor. 

Buy a good stock and hold it for a long time. It is said, “In Share Market, money goes from impatient to the patient“, that’s why it is always recommended to buy a stock and hold it for years, because, the share market is very volatile and it keeps fluctuating. In short term, you will bear a loss, because in most cases the stock goes down as soon as you buy it.  

Especially, beginners should always start with investing and not trading. It is a plus point if you read a bit about What is a Share Market beforehand, so would have some idea about it.

Which Stocks should you invest in as a Beginner.?

Once you have opened a Demat Account, start researching about good stock. As a beginner, invest only in Blue Chip Stocks. 


Blue Chip stocks are the companies with large market capitalization and are the market leaders in their segments, such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Berkshire Hathaway, Reliance, TCS, Hindustan Uniliver, and HDFC Bank. 

The benefits of investing in these stocks are countless and risk is very limited. These companies are stable and have been generating a handsome return for their investors for decades. Such stocks are the market leader in their field and have a strong mote. Being a market leader their sales and revenue keep growing and they are able to generate good returns for their investors. 

During market fluctuation, these stocks fall to a limited range and are capable of bouncing back to their real value. Thus, if the stock market is crashed, you have less fear of losing money, as they can recover their real value very soon.

Diversify your Portfolio.

If you want to be successful in the Share Market and lower your risk of losing money, then never invest your all capital in one stock. Always diversify your portfolio and buy multiple stocks. This helps you balance your portfolio while market and stock fluctuation. 

If one stock falls, the other one goes up. This way, your portfolio Additionally, choose shares from different industries, like FMCG, Pharma, IT, Automobiles, NBFC, Chemicals, Banking, etc.

In the Share Market, most of the time stock performs industry-wise. If, for example, the IT sector is performing very well and going high, possibly, the banking sector or Pharma for that matter will be down that day. 

Selecting stocks from different industries will balance the rise and fall of the market. If, one or two sectors are down, the other two would be going up.


Follow a strict Stop Loss.

As a beginner, always set your risk appetite and follow a strict stop loss in the share market.

Stop Loss is a systematic option that you set with your broker. Basically, you are telling your broker to sell your stock, if that particular share goes down from your risk appetite.

 For example, you have bought 100 shares of Tata Motors at 302 and you do not want to take much risk if Tata Motors falls. Therefore, you only can bear a 12 rupees loss per share and not more than that. Thus you set a stop loss as 290. That means telling your broker that if Tata Motors, unfortunately, falls and goes down to 289 or 270, sell my stocks. If your stock slips and stop-loss, which is 290, is hit, your Tata Motors 100 stocks will be sold automatically at your set price. 

Stop loss helps you always to take a very calculated risk and it bounds your capital loss to a limited extent.

As the famous investor Warren Buffet says “Always follow two rules in Share Market. Rule No.#1           Never Lose your capital.

Rule No.#2   Never forget rule number 1

Invest in SIP.

As a beginner, never invest in one go. Always invest in a systematic way and in SIP, so that, if your stock falls, you can aggregate. This way your buying price would be somewhere in between and your stock would reach your buying price soon. Also, if it goes up, you can add more shares to your portfolio. 


Start with a small amount and try to learn as much as you can. Once you are confident and able to understand, how the Share Market works, you can increase your investment.    

Keep that in mind, that you are not going to be as rich as Warren Buffet, or Vijay Kedia in one day or one year. It had taken them years to mint such huge money, so would it take in your case as well. You have to be patient. 

Also, never compare your one-year experience with their 30-40 years of experience in the Share Market, hence get ready for gradual progress. 

Do not be emotional and greedy.

It is observed that many traders bear losses because they become emotional in the Share Market. Thus, it is important to learn, How to Invest in the Share Market.

Sometimes, due to their greed, they bear huge huge losses. People wait when stock is going up and do not book their set profit. Ultimately, stock falls and they lose the profit.

Always set a profit goal if you are a short-term trader and take an exit if your goal is met. DO not be greedy and emotional, else, it would turn into a bad business.


A share market is a place where stocks of public listed companies are issued, bought, and sold. Stocks, also known as equities, mean having ownership in a company or buying a small portion of the business of that particular company, where you are putting your money.

 Basically, you are buying a small portion of a company.

Share Market shares of multiple companies, listed on a Stock exchange, are traded. In history, stocks are the highest return paying investment. Thus, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Tata, Ambani, and Adani are the richest people in the world, as they are the major stakeholders in their companies. 

On the Indian Stock exchange, more than 5000 companies are listed.

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How Stock trading started.?

During the 1600th century, British, French, and Dutch governments provided charters to multiple companies including East India. In those days all goods brought back from the East were transported by sea which, always involved a lot of risks. Voyages and ships were often threatened by severe storms and pirates. In order to reduce these risks, ship owners regularly suggested investors offer financing collateral for a trip. In return,  if the ship loaded with goods for sale was back successfully, investors received a portion of the monetary returns. And this way the stock trading made its very first way.

Types of Share Market.

The share market has two types. Primary Market, Secondary Market.

Now, If that company is selling its shares for the first time, it is called “Initial public offering (IPO)”.  Where a company gets registered to sell a certain amount of shares and raise funds to grow its business is called Primary Market. You also name it getting listed in a stock exchange.

Now, If that company is selling its shares for the first time, it is called “Initial public offering (IPO)”. 

What is an IPO.? 

IPO is listing a company on the stock exchange for the first time to raise capital from stock investors and traders.

Secondary Market:

After an IPO trading stocks in the share market like buying and selling shares regularly in the market is called the secondary market. After an IPO, trade-in that particular company will be started, and common people can buy and sell that stock.

Why invest in the Share Market.? 

    We invest in stocks and hold them so that our wealth can be multiplied and grow and we can be financially free and get rich. It means, we are putting our money, not in the bank, FD, but we are purchasing a small piece of a company. 

If that particular company grows and makes a profit, our wealth will be multiplied by that company. Additionally, that company will be sharing the profit with us as well.  

While some people consider the stock investment to be risky, especially Indians, many researchers have proven that investing your money in the right stock and holding it for a long period of time (five to 10 years) can provide inflation-beating returns — and be a better investment option than any other investment including, FD, real estate and gold.

What is Share Market. How to invest in Stock Market.

People also have short-term strategies while investing in share markets. While Stocks can be volatile in short term, investing in the right stock can help traders make quick profits.

How does Stock Market work.?

The concept, how the share market works is pretty simple. Stock is being traded, which is bought and sold on a bid that is offered by the buyer and seller. And on a mutual understanding, it is credited/debited into your Demat Account. India’s main stock exchanges are the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange.

How does the Stock Market work.

The stock market works through a network of exchanges. India’s main stock exchanges are the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange.  Listed Companies issue their stock on these exchanges through a process called an initial public offering, or IPO.

These shares are then purchased by Investors and this way companies raise money. 
Funds raised through an IPO or stock sale are used to grow its business. Investors can then buy and sell these stocks among themselves, and the exchange tracks the supply and demand of each listed stock.